How it works?

Everything you need to know about GroceryChoice

Enter your 14 digit code from your email.


Exchange your code for an eGiftcard from our grocery partners


Spend your eGiftcard in store

  • Each GroceryChoice code is worth £10.
  • Before you can spend them, you need to enter your GroceryChoice code on this website and then choose which retailer that you would like to spend your money in.
  • You will then be sent an eGiftcard for that specific retailer.
  • Please be aware that some eGiftcards can be spent both online and in-store while others can only be spent in-store. Please check that your preferred method of spending is available for your selected retailer before confirming.
  • You can spend your eGiftcard either as full payment, or part payment for a transaction and any funds that remain on your eGiftcard can be used later as part of another transaction.